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alright, so i just had one.

it's been about a year since i've had a hypnagogic hallucination as clear and remarkable as the one i just had 6 minutes ago.

i became aware immediately and was somehow conscious that i was having an episode, mainly because i know what to look for.

the first tip-off was that i felt an insane amount of pressure on my chest and my stomach, borderline painful, but i didn't panic because i knew it was an episode. i decided to take advantage of my peculiar mental state and i explored a little bit. upon looking around i noticed that all the lights were on in my room even though i had turned them off to take a nap. i started to slide over the top of the bed, and my body fell down into the area on the ground next to my night stand and my bed. i could now hear a song, it was a rock song, somewhat like a foo-fighters song. it was really good, and i can remember some of the chords but none of the lyrics (which is a damn shame, because i know they were good, and i'm terrible at writing lyrics). i then became aware of a person in front of me. it was a girl, about my age, she looked to be chinese. no one i knew, no distinct features really; i remember having the strong urge to reach out and touch her face, but not being able to move. 

then my phone rang, which was in my hand (lol, can't believe i fell asleep like that..) and i was pulled out of it, but not fast enough to pick up the call. i was a little sluggish getting up, but not confused as i was fully aware of what was happening to me.

hoorah for sleep paralysis. it's not always bad. if you can accept that your body does this, then really accept it. take it as a free trip. if you can be conscious enough while it takes place, it's a very interesting place to explore and i recommend it.

for the record, i was supine.

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