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Sleep paralysis & nocturnal seizures?

Hello, everyone.  I just joined tonight.  I was surprised (although I shouldn't be) that there is such a community for S. P..  It's a fantastic thing, though.  I have been researching S. P. because I also suffer from it.  They have never been delightful for me although they've been surely incredible experiences.  They are now infrequent (knock on wood), but I have been trying to find information regarding suffers of S. P. who have had an issue as I have.

When I have episodes of it they are usually out-of-body for a time being (other-wise they're almost always completely paralyzed and open-eyed), and so realistic that I actually do not know that I am dreaming.  There's always an ominous presence at the end, and I become terrified.  This is far from my actual personality to be afraid, so I find it alarming.  I have always had the ability to know that I was dreaming when I was, but not with this. . .

How-ever, that isn't the worst part. . .

Can anyone tell me if they have ever experienced this:  Either right at the beginning or end of an episode (or both), I will feel the common "heaviness", but it's more like I'm being sucked into something, and then it signifies for what I know is going to happen next:  I will start hearing a hum in my head and then feel as if my body is being put through some slow impulses of an electrocution machine.  It's like a slow electricity is vibrating down my entire body, but its worse with my head.  Can anyone relate?  Is this understandable?  I interpret this as being excruciatingly painful while it is happening.

In my early teens I had occasions of having nocturnal seizures, which is within itself a sleep paralysis that can cause the sufferer (in my experience) to wake-up in jolts and fall RIGHT back to sleep within seconds, and then having this repeat continuously only moments or seconds later (other things can happen during the seizure, but that's the main bit).  These are extremely rare now for me unless triggered by medications.  How-ever, I've been doing research, and I've seen that some suffers of N. S. have this sense of electro-happenings before falling asleep, but I'm having this combined within the episode of the S. P..
I also didn't start having S. P. problems until after the period of time I was having nocturnal seizures (in my late teens), so . . . I just wonder what's going on. . .

Is it possible that my nocturnal seizures evolved into sleep paralysis?  Are they commonly connected?  Does anyone experience pain at all while having an episode of S. P.?

I'd really love and appreciate feedback.

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