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Returning From Tomorrow

last night's account of Sleep Paralysis & dream

*It's almost like ghosts broke loose from somewhere last night.. or something..hehe [including a musician of sorts..]*

Last night I felt an approaching sleep paralysis.. the vibrational sounds, the feeling as if hands were pulling on my feet to get me off the bed.. and I tried to shake it off, but was too late since I couldn't move a muscle. I thought then maybe if I try to astrally project..[to escape this experience I hate so much].. So I managed to force my astral-self into a sitting position, but I found it difficult to fully separate. After that I must have blocked out because the next thing I knew I was in a dream..

*The Dream:
I found myself viewing the most beautiful scene in Jamaica.. others were with me as well. We were in a fast-driving bus, I had to hang on tightly each time they make a turn. The bus stopped, we came off and stood in the street for awhile, then looked for a cab to take us to another part of the island. Then something strange happened..

*I saw myself going in the cab, also my aunt, and a cousin. But at the same time, I realized, I was standing on the side-walk with my cousin. Confused, I asked my cousin, "can you tell me, who just went in that cab?".. she said, "We did.. plus aunt H.". Then I looked towards the dark street ahead, and knew it was a dangerous street to be walking on so late at night.

I turned to my cousin and said, "So we're both sitting in the cab, yet standing on the street at the same time.., Do you know what that means?.. The part of us that are in the cab, are safely on the way already.. which means we can walk on this dangerous street, and not have to worry about being harmed.. because this is our 'astral bodies'.. So let's go..". - That's what I explained to my cousin, as I placed my arm over her shoulder and we began to walk on the most dangerous streets in Jamaica.

*So we're walking and feeling confident. Nothing or no one can harm us.
Then up ahead I saw the men. I knew. [because in real life i've come in this kind of situation before.. these men are criminals]. It made no sense to turn and run, because it's too far a distance, and they will catch us anyway. So I whispered to my cousin, "here goes".

*As we came closer to these men, I noticed they were ready to pounce.. but then I had a plan. I decided to act as if I didn't realize they were criminals, but they were just friendly strangers, and we were foreigners. "Hey, how you doing? it's so nice here in Jamaica".. I did that in the hopes that they will relax and not think we'd flee off anytime soon. But then, one of them started to get very impatient, as if he wanted to kill us right there.. he held on to my arm, and I felt as if he wanted to snap me]..


*That's when I decided it was time me and my cousin took off. I gave her the sign, to run for it.. then we suddenly made the dash as fast as we could.. [I totally forgot that we could fly if we wanted to! being that we had astral bodies..]

*So we ran. Now we were in a crowded street.. and the men were running behind us. I decided to run in one direction, then cross the street and run in the opposite direction [hoping this would make them lose sight of us]. I saw a sail boat with people going on and off.. and there was a section in between the boat and the pavement, so we hid down there. But realized that if we stayed too long there, we could get crushed. We then made the decision to come out of hiding [because maybe the men are gone in the wrong direction anyway]. So we came out, and started walking down the street once again.

*Things are going fine only for a few minutes, because then up ahead we saw the same men. . . They saw us too.

*"oh no, not again". But by this time, I remembered that 'we can fly if we want to!'. So we did! It was difficult at first.. trying to take off, but eventually we were up in the air and leaving the men behind, trying to pull us back by our feet. [note: I just realized the 'pulling of the feet' sensation had occured at the start of the sleep paralyis that I mentioned in the first paragraph.. hmm interesting.]

**So we were free. [or so we thought at that time.]
We arrived home. We entered the house and felt relieved that we got away from the men. But as I was passing by one of the many rooms, I saw through the window, one of the men standing out there.. [he couldn't see me] yet I knew they'd come in the house to search for us. *I led my cousin in the house, trying to find a safe place to hide. I then found a small room, where we could go behind some boxes and stay low. That's what we did. But within a few minutes, the door opened, and one of the men came in. He sat down, looked at us. I was nervous.

*I looked at my cousin, but it wasn't a girl anymore, but a boy.
I begged the man, "please don't kill us, I have to stay here longer for my children".. He then said, we're not here to kill you, but to protect you. **Then I remembered the one who looked as if he wanted to snap me on the roadside, and so I asked, "what about the crazy big one?"..

**At that moment the room got bigger, and a strange woman & boy came in.. [I knew instantly they had died before..].. The woman came up to me and asked me something about my face.. "is it real?" I was puzzled of this question she asked. *I then looked to my right and realized that there were now many more of these 'ghost people' coming in the room.. I saw some cousins & aunts/ uncles who had passed away long time ago as well.. but also strange faces.

The man explained, "They're all here to protect you".

Then I woke up.

A Musician:
[Note: the last thing I remember of the dream- I noticed an entire family of all ages, came walking in, and they all shared the same facial features.. like the exact face. Infact I know the face. It's a celebrity i've seen on tv before. A musician. I think a guitarist from a band. He almost looks like Mick Jagger, but a more handsome face.. something about the 'mouth' is similar, and he mostly wear a cowboy-looking hat. I totally forgot his name now.

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Wow, what an amazing dream!
I guess you must have so many questions that are bugging you now - what the people were protecting you from, who the musician that face belongs to etc.
I was a tiny bit afraid last night in bed [because in the dark room.. I wondered if there were ghosts in my room haha]. I remember the musician now.. [steven tyler from aerosmith.. I have no idea why I dreamt a bunch of ghost family that resembles him].