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Hello everyone!

Just joined the group yesterday and thought that I would introduce myself.
I have suffered from SP for pretty much as long as I can remember. Until recently, I actually thought that I was some kind of magnet for strange and evil spirits of some kind >_< but then, thank goodness, I happened upon an article about sleep paralysis. This led me to research more on the subject and conclude that this is what I have been suffering from for soooo long. And this whole time I thought I was crazy. What a relief!!
Since I realized that I suffer from SP, I have somehow been able to know when I am having an episode. I think this has kept me from getting strangled and attacked at night for the past week or so, thought I still do start to see things whilst paralyzed. Due to this awareness, I actually think that my episodes are starting to last longer. As if I know that I am in this strange state of mind and I just lay there and observe how awkward it feels not to be able to move, feeling as if I were as heavy as a boulder or some such thing. Does anyone else experience this?

Also, thought it really hasn't done anything for me at this point other than make me light headed, over-tired and nauseous, my doctor rx'ed me risperidon sandoz which is supposed to make the scary entities and such go away and help me sleep. Like I said before, since I have been aware of SP I haven't had any terrifying experiences at night yet, not sure if the medication has anything to do with it or not, but on the meds I still experience SP, usually a couple of times a night.

Has anyone else used this risperidon sandoz? If so, did it actually help you? Or am I dealing with all of these nasty side-effects for nothing? 
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risperidone is an antipsychotic and a pretty heavy-duty medication...i've never heard of it being prescribed for sleep paralysis, but i know they use it for insomnia sometimes. in my experience sleep aids make the sp worse. either way i hope it helps you!
You know, when reading the information inside the box, it did kind of throw me off that it is usually used to help treat schizophrenia.
I am pretty sure the doctor I went to is absolutely clueless about SP. If taking half of a table before bed messes me up as much as it did the past couple of days, I am going to stop taking it. On top of that, I have actually had multiple SP episodes every night since I have started to take it. Usually I only have one.
yeah - i just looked it up and i'd thought doctors sometimes used it as a sleeping aid, but in fact it causes insomnia in 26% of patients...i'd get a second opinion or even a sleep study.

as the commenter below said, often keeping to a regular sleep schedule and reducing stress will help keep it at bay. i found that doing research and being sure to relax during the experience helped, too. good luck!
The common "cure" for sleep paralysis is getting a good night sleep every single night (8 hours), sticking to a strict sleep schedule, not taking naps, and not sleeping on your back.

I suggest you find a sleep clinic in your area and make an appointment, and find out what the process is for going off the drugs this doctor gave you. It might not be a good idea to stop cold turkey.
Thanks for the advice. I think I just might do that. :)
Wow, that's messed up. Seriously? An anti-psychotic? I found out I had SP when I took my troubles to a priest (Navy chaplain) and he was a sweetheart and told me that I sounded like I had sleep paralysis (after being told by everyone that my episodes were demonic attacks :/ )...and to go to Sick Call. And this was 15 years ago.

I guess if anyone would understand sleep conditions + irregular sleep + SP vs Demons, it would be a military priest.

I'm so sorry your doctor is made of fail :(
If only I would have known to google for a local navy chaplain a week and a half ago ^_^
I take Ambien, which is a sedative/hypnotic sleeping pill. It makes you sleep very soundly. Rispidon looks to be more of a psychiatric drug. Your doctor surely had reasons for prescribing that instead of a sleeping pill.

My incidents of sp are rare on ambien. When I do have one, it is almost always tied to stress.
I am pretty sure that the reason the doctor rx'ed it is because she is absolutely clueless. I am never going to take it again. I am still messed up from it and I haven't touched since Sunday night. I am going to look for another doctor that doesn't just hand out psychotics to anyone who comes through her door.