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I am not sure if I mentioned before, but the other day I got a voice mail from my father where he mentioned my "sleeping problem" (sleep paralysis) and that he has woken up scared and not able to move either. He also said, that the next time we talk, he would explain to me what it is. This made me rather curious and I had been eagerly awaiting his next phone call.

Yesterday, he called and you will never believe what he said.
He told me, that when you wake up unable to move and/or you feel like there is pressure on your body, it means that your soul is coming back. He said, that sometimes at night when we sleep, your soul leaves your body to perhaps visit someone or party with your friends souls who knows where. Sometimes, when it comes back, it wakes you up and as it re-enters you body, you cannot move. >_<

I am very open-minded about lots of things, but that totally threw me for a loop. I think it threw me off even more because this was coming from my dad.

I asked him why I would see these people and things in my room if it was just my soul coming back into my body. He said, that is something else having to do with some dark and evil fifth dream dimension of some kind and that I should pray that I don't go there anymore and that my soul doesn't wake me up when it re-enters my body at night.


I told him that that was really interesting, but I know that I suffer from Sleep Paralysis with Hypnagogic Hallucinations and that there are many people who experience the same thing.

His reaction to that, "Oh..."
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