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Just a newbie to this commuity popping by to say hi! It's really nice to find a community of people who know what SP is, and more importantly, actually understand what it's like. As supportive as my friends/family are when I babble about an episode, it just not the same when they can't relate to it.

Anyway, I've had SP attacks since I was little, but those were rare, maybe once or twice a year. Then last year or so (21 now), they kicked up to a few times a week, and now it's probably about 3 or 4 times a month now. I've gotten to the point where most times I know what's going on and came either re-direct myself or just wake up, but not everytime. The ones I can't, however, I almost always hallucinate from.

When I was younger it would always be the classic aliens/abduction thing (which has caused my irrational fear of the little guys), but now it seems to be moreso ghosts and the paranormal. Or, even once, the Leprechaun from the cheesy slasher movies. Good times. =D

I think the weirdest time/place I've had an SP attack was sleeping on a train at about 10am on my way to my hometown. It was definitely a mind-trip since I've never had an SP episode when I wasn't lying down. I was sitting up, leaning with my elbow resting on the ledge of the window. Luckily, that time it wasn't anything too scary, and I was able to get a grip on what was going on.

Alright, I'll quit babbling for now, and say once again that I love this community. :)

Also, I was wondering; where are some non-bed places you guys have had episodes?

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