mosaulter (mosaulter) wrote in sleepparalysis,

Just saying Hi

Just joined and thought I'd say hi. I've had SP episodes since I was a child; I'm in my 30's now. I can go through long periods without having any, and then BAM! back to back for several months. I haven't had one in about a year but remain interested in what other people experience. In some of the SP states, I have flown out of my body; felt a "presence" (hallucinated or whatever) sit down beside me; been "hugged" by this presence (without being able to move); heard noises and sometimes laughter; can sometimes tell if the "presence" is good/bad/indifferent and whether male/female; saw bubbles and swirls in different hues; can tell you what was playing on the television (if I happen to have one when the tele is on); and the list goes on.

Glad to find kindred souls.
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