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Just joined and thought I'd say hi. I've had SP episodes since I was a child; I'm in my 30's now. I can go through long periods without having any, and then BAM! back to back for several months. I haven't had one in about a year but remain interested in what other people experience. In some of the SP states, I have flown out of my body; felt a "presence" (hallucinated or whatever) sit down beside me; been "hugged" by this presence (without being able to move); heard noises and sometimes laughter; can sometimes tell if the "presence" is good/bad/indifferent and whether male/female; saw bubbles and swirls in different hues; can tell you what was playing on the television (if I happen to have one when the tele is on); and the list goes on.

Glad to find kindred souls.

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Just a newbie to this commuity popping by to say hi! It's really nice to find a community of people who know what SP is, and more importantly, actually understand what it's like. As supportive as my friends/family are when I babble about an episode, it just not the same when they can't relate to it.

Just a rambling little introduction...Collapse )
Also, I was wondering; where are some non-bed places you guys have had episodes?

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New to the community and just wanted to say hi!

I've been suffering from sleep paralyses since age 10 (I'm 20 now... so 10 years of horror). I don't remember ever having a mild episode. They've always been pretty terrifying. I know people talk about hallucinations during sleep paralyses, but I don't know if something that feels SO REAL could be considered hallucinations, at least not in my book. I've never had an episode of sleep paralyses that didn't feature a "hallucination" so needless to say, it gets pretty terrifying.

Anyway, I'm rambling, but I guess what I'm trying to get at is: I'm so glad to have found a community full of people who suffer the same problem as me, especially since no one I know has ever experienced it!

<3Happy holidays!

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Last night I had a rather messed up sleep paralysis episode. First, I was "awoken" by noises on the room. A strange grumbling noise and then the sound of rustled plastic bags; which there are a few on the room, so that made me get really freaked out. Then I opened my eyes without thinking of the consequences. I couldn't see any definite figure, or figures, but it looked as if a wave of things were quickly rolling or crawling from the end and side if the bed up my leg and gowards my head. I was able to snap out of it then. I got the ability to move and, unfortunately, use my voice again. If you can imagine a series of blood curdling screams accompanied by panicked crying, that is the sound that came out of my mouth and woke everyone in the apartment, and probably the neighbors, up. Of course, I scared the living daylights out of my husband. I think I remember him giving out a small scream out of shock as well. We slept the Rest of the Night with the lights on, which made for light non-energizing sleep. It is a bit after 11 in the morning now. The husband just got out of bed before I started writing this. I think he is rather angry with me.
Why won't God make this stop? I pray every night to sleep properly. I ask every night to keep me safe and not allow me to have SP. I have tried every prayer in the book. Nothing makes it go away and because of me my husband hasn't slept properly in months because he is afraid I will scream or because I do scream or yell at things to go away. What should I do?

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I am not sure if I mentioned before, but the other day I got a voice mail from my father where he mentioned my "sleeping problem" (sleep paralysis) and that he has woken up scared and not able to move either. He also said, that the next time we talk, he would explain to me what it is. This made me rather curious and I had been eagerly awaiting his next phone call.

Yesterday, he called and you will never believe what he said.
He told me, that when you wake up unable to move and/or you feel like there is pressure on your body, it means that your soul is coming back. He said, that sometimes at night when we sleep, your soul leaves your body to perhaps visit someone or party with your friends souls who knows where. Sometimes, when it comes back, it wakes you up and as it re-enters you body, you cannot move. >_<

I am very open-minded about lots of things, but that totally threw me for a loop. I think it threw me off even more because this was coming from my dad.

I asked him why I would see these people and things in my room if it was just my soul coming back into my body. He said, that is something else having to do with some dark and evil fifth dream dimension of some kind and that I should pray that I don't go there anymore and that my soul doesn't wake me up when it re-enters my body at night.

Wow. Just...wow.

I told him that that was really interesting, but I know that I suffer from Sleep Paralysis with Hypnagogic Hallucinations and that there are many people who experience the same thing.

His reaction to that, "Oh..."
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Hello everyone!

Just joined the group yesterday and thought that I would introduce myself.
I have suffered from SP for pretty much as long as I can remember. Until recently, I actually thought that I was some kind of magnet for strange and evil spirits of some kind >_< but then, thank goodness, I happened upon an article about sleep paralysis. This led me to research more on the subject and conclude that this is what I have been suffering from for soooo long. And this whole time I thought I was crazy. What a relief!!
Since I realized that I suffer from SP, I have somehow been able to know when I am having an episode. I think this has kept me from getting strangled and attacked at night for the past week or so, thought I still do start to see things whilst paralyzed. Due to this awareness, I actually think that my episodes are starting to last longer. As if I know that I am in this strange state of mind and I just lay there and observe how awkward it feels not to be able to move, feeling as if I were as heavy as a boulder or some such thing. Does anyone else experience this?

Also, thought it really hasn't done anything for me at this point other than make me light headed, over-tired and nauseous, my doctor rx'ed me risperidon sandoz which is supposed to make the scary entities and such go away and help me sleep. Like I said before, since I have been aware of SP I haven't had any terrifying experiences at night yet, not sure if the medication has anything to do with it or not, but on the meds I still experience SP, usually a couple of times a night.

Has anyone else used this risperidon sandoz? If so, did it actually help you? Or am I dealing with all of these nasty side-effects for nothing? 
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So glad I found this community.
I have sleep paralyisis almost every night, and it's absolutely terrifying.
I fall asleep and the next thing I know I am conscience that I am in my bed and aware that I am awake but my body is frozen, and I can't open my eyes. I usually try to scream too.
THE WORST PART is when I sense and extremely evil horrifying presence and it's standing over my bed, or coming closer to me. THEN I actually feel hands grabbing me, or choking me, or covering my face with my blankets... or I feel people sit on me, or sit next to me. I hear strange scary noises too.. and I do everything in my power to wake myself up! I've even had some one right in my face blowing on me. WEIRD, I know...
And everytime I have sleep paralysis, I am deathly afraid to fall back asleep.
I'm just wondering if anyone else ever gets this?
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follow ur heart

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 i have has SP off and on since i was about 5 or 6.  that's the earliest i remember having it.  i remember waking up n freaking out bc i couldn't move at all and i felt weird fuzzyness all over.. like a force field surrounding me keeping me from moving.  kinda like when u sit on ur foot n it falls asleep n goes numb n feels fuzzy-like... but all over my body.  really freaked me out.  n i remember finally snapping out of it and running to my parent's room to tell them what happened n they said it was a bad dream or something n i grabbed a blanket n slept on the floor next to their bed n it happened again and i tried to scream to wake them up but i couldn't scream.. nothing would come out.  scary stuff.  anyways.. its been happening all the time lately.  my bf has seen me like that.  sometime when it's first starting i can talk, so i would tell him.. n he once put an ice cube on my tummy and i couldn't feel a thing.  it just sat there n melted n i couldn't even feel it.  sooo crazy.  the other night i had just woken up from a dream and was kinda wtf about it and then everything goes blacker, but i can still see my room thru the darkness and i'm still awake n thinking n everything.. but it's like i'm flying thru space n stars n stuff, but my room is still there....... and i'm freaking out n flailing my arms around (not for real bc i'm paralyzed, but i am doing it... and then i realize i'm in the sleep paralysis thing and so i try to open my eyes (even tho they are actually really open, but i can't wake up.. so use my hands to open my eyes and slowly my room becomes clearer n i can move my arms to totally snap back into reality.  then i drify off into SP again with the same darkness floating thing and this time i am calmer and try to kinda swim... and it works.  i was swimming thru space.  it was nuts.  then i pull my eyes open to wake up again.  and i know it's not a dream bc when the background comes clearer i can still feel that same kinda fuzzy numbness.  and now i'm really starting to read up on this whole SP thing... they say that it's actually the best time for out of body experiences.  and last night i started getting fuzzy again.. and the darkness with my room in the background again... so this time i tried to sit up (bc i read ur supposed to try to sit up to get out of ur body) and it worked.. and i floated up towards the ceiling so i tried to swim to my door.. and i got to it and tried to swim thru it, but i couldn't and it kinda snapped my back into my body n i "awoke" with the same fuzzyness that i had to shake off.  supposedly many ppl see hallucinations of ppl or lil devils n bad stuff, so i'm really scared of that.  but we'll see what happens.

anyone had any similar experiences??
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Alien encounter............

NOTE: I have DIAGNOSED sleep paralysis

Last night I couldn't sleep until I took a Klonopin (which I hate wasting at bedtime).... I was laying in bed, day-dreaming and i saw a beautiful house.... It was my dream house... I suddenly floated away from my body and toward my dream house... It was beautiful and I couldn't stop talking to myself about how lovely it was... I saw my infant son in the backyard... He was a teenager.... I floated inside of the house and saw a beautiful Christmas tree. It had clear.. see-through... bulbs of all colors, the sun shined through them and made a rainbow on the wall... I was in awe of what a beautiful house that ?I? had.... then suddenly I PANICKED...... I looked at the table...

Chad and Becky were eating at the table... I freaked out... panicked hardcore... I felt AWAKE 100%...... I said to myself, "I'm dead." "I ODed and I'm dead." then I saw realized that I was in a coffin..... in front ofthe dinner table and they were eating and talking and didn't notice me and that I was dead...... I had SLEEP PARALYSIS at that point and I realized that I needed to wake up... I moved.. Thought I moved.. I Tried to move my hand up to my mouth....

I tried, again, to move but then I barely opened an eye and I saw the "dream" still in the room, but could see a poster on my wall "in real life"... I panicked...
I heard a BUZZING/train/weirdass sound coming from the right of me and so I tried to move toward the sound to look at it in my room.... but I couldn't.. I looked up and then that dream disappeared and I was back in my room... AWAKE, but couldn't move AGAIN..... and there was a stereo-typical ALIEN- looking being standing beside me... It reached down for me... It had the weird big eyes and it was grey-ish black... I then saw MANY MANY MANY more figures ... dark, scary figures of the same type, surrounding me..... I freaked out... I thought that I was dead... but I knew at the same time that I had astrally projected before and that i just needed to get out of that when plane (hypnagogic state) of existance and so I said A PRAYER AS LOUD AS I COULD.... Something to the effect of, "IF I'm dying then God just take me with YOU to the good place,....... if I'm going to live then deliver me back to my normal world." At that moment in time I JOLTED UP and was sitting up in bed..... trembling.... IT WAS THE SCARIEST SLEEP-PARALYSIS/ASTRAL experience I have ever had... I was TERRIFIED.....

For the rest of the night- EVERY TIME I tried to go to bed I would hear that buzzing in my head and twitch myself awake before anything could get me......

"As for the aliens, from what I know about the "greys" which are the ones most typically seen and described by people, they do sometimes study humans, as well as animals. Most of my study has been with Pleaidians which look very much like humans and are 5th dimension. The only info that I've channeled about the greys was very early on. Basically, they have bred emotion out of their race and are interested in humans because we still experience all emotions. It's why some have said they breed half human half greys on their spaceships. I told them that they are welcome to observe me but they can never interact with me. This was all done in a channeling session at an outdoor rave- my first and only one of a few times I ever channeled. Interestingly, my daughter who is 5 now recently told me about a dream where they came and talked to her and she said they were kinda scary.

As I told her, I will say to you as well. Tell them you do not want them to interact with you. They may observe you from afar, but never in person. You can also ask the Pleaidians to watch over you. I still see their ships out any evening that I'm out walking late at night. You can surround yourself with a white or golden light each night when you go to sleep which will help as well."
- My expert friend, Colleen~

helping a Christian SP sufferer...?

I'm a long-time SP sufferer myself and have posted here before... I haven't had any serious episodes in a long time though.

My boyfriend, however, started experiencing SP with hallucinations lately. He told me that as a child he would experience it and think that evil spirits were coming to try and mess with him. I guess the hallucinations went away but he still would have SP or bad dreams quite often, and just recently he started hallucinating as well.

Here is the thing: my boyfriend was raised in a very Christian environment, he's very devout and no matter what I tell him about sleep paralysis he believes that it's evil spirits trying to bring him down. I'm not going to try and change his opinion on this anymore because I think it's his right to believe what he wants, but it hurts me to see him so helpless and wondering what he did wrong to bring this onto him. He's going through a lot of big changes in life right now ( so I know it's probably stress-related and also the fact that he's been sleeping whack hours lately), and I think there's a lot going on spiritually that he's not telling me about which he's probably linking the SP to.

I feel really helpless when he calls me telling me about the episodes. They don't seem to last very long (he said around 15 seconds) so even the advice I can give him about how to break out of the lock doesn't seem very useful. And because I can't relate to his faith, I feel I can't really commiserate....

if anyone has any advice on how I could deal with this better, I would *really* appreciate it! Thank you so much :)