she doesn't get enough (monstermeow) wrote in sleepparalysis,
she doesn't get enough

helping a Christian SP sufferer...?

I'm a long-time SP sufferer myself and have posted here before... I haven't had any serious episodes in a long time though.

My boyfriend, however, started experiencing SP with hallucinations lately. He told me that as a child he would experience it and think that evil spirits were coming to try and mess with him. I guess the hallucinations went away but he still would have SP or bad dreams quite often, and just recently he started hallucinating as well.

Here is the thing: my boyfriend was raised in a very Christian environment, he's very devout and no matter what I tell him about sleep paralysis he believes that it's evil spirits trying to bring him down. I'm not going to try and change his opinion on this anymore because I think it's his right to believe what he wants, but it hurts me to see him so helpless and wondering what he did wrong to bring this onto him. He's going through a lot of big changes in life right now ( so I know it's probably stress-related and also the fact that he's been sleeping whack hours lately), and I think there's a lot going on spiritually that he's not telling me about which he's probably linking the SP to.

I feel really helpless when he calls me telling me about the episodes. They don't seem to last very long (he said around 15 seconds) so even the advice I can give him about how to break out of the lock doesn't seem very useful. And because I can't relate to his faith, I feel I can't really commiserate....

if anyone has any advice on how I could deal with this better, I would *really* appreciate it! Thank you so much :)
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