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Alien encounter............

NOTE: I have DIAGNOSED sleep paralysis

Last night I couldn't sleep until I took a Klonopin (which I hate wasting at bedtime).... I was laying in bed, day-dreaming and i saw a beautiful house.... It was my dream house... I suddenly floated away from my body and toward my dream house... It was beautiful and I couldn't stop talking to myself about how lovely it was... I saw my infant son in the backyard... He was a teenager.... I floated inside of the house and saw a beautiful Christmas tree. It had clear.. see-through... bulbs of all colors, the sun shined through them and made a rainbow on the wall... I was in awe of what a beautiful house that ?I? had.... then suddenly I PANICKED...... I looked at the table...

Chad and Becky were eating at the table... I freaked out... panicked hardcore... I felt AWAKE 100%...... I said to myself, "I'm dead." "I ODed and I'm dead." then I saw realized that I was in a coffin..... in front ofthe dinner table and they were eating and talking and didn't notice me and that I was dead...... I had SLEEP PARALYSIS at that point and I realized that I needed to wake up... I moved.. Thought I moved.. I Tried to move my hand up to my mouth....

I tried, again, to move but then I barely opened an eye and I saw the "dream" still in the room, but could see a poster on my wall "in real life"... I panicked...
I heard a BUZZING/train/weirdass sound coming from the right of me and so I tried to move toward the sound to look at it in my room.... but I couldn't.. I looked up and then that dream disappeared and I was back in my room... AWAKE, but couldn't move AGAIN..... and there was a stereo-typical ALIEN- looking being standing beside me... It reached down for me... It had the weird big eyes and it was grey-ish black... I then saw MANY MANY MANY more figures ... dark, scary figures of the same type, surrounding me..... I freaked out... I thought that I was dead... but I knew at the same time that I had astrally projected before and that i just needed to get out of that when plane (hypnagogic state) of existance and so I said A PRAYER AS LOUD AS I COULD.... Something to the effect of, "IF I'm dying then God just take me with YOU to the good place,....... if I'm going to live then deliver me back to my normal world." At that moment in time I JOLTED UP and was sitting up in bed..... trembling.... IT WAS THE SCARIEST SLEEP-PARALYSIS/ASTRAL experience I have ever had... I was TERRIFIED.....

For the rest of the night- EVERY TIME I tried to go to bed I would hear that buzzing in my head and twitch myself awake before anything could get me......

"As for the aliens, from what I know about the "greys" which are the ones most typically seen and described by people, they do sometimes study humans, as well as animals. Most of my study has been with Pleaidians which look very much like humans and are 5th dimension. The only info that I've channeled about the greys was very early on. Basically, they have bred emotion out of their race and are interested in humans because we still experience all emotions. It's why some have said they breed half human half greys on their spaceships. I told them that they are welcome to observe me but they can never interact with me. This was all done in a channeling session at an outdoor rave- my first and only one of a few times I ever channeled. Interestingly, my daughter who is 5 now recently told me about a dream where they came and talked to her and she said they were kinda scary.

As I told her, I will say to you as well. Tell them you do not want them to interact with you. They may observe you from afar, but never in person. You can also ask the Pleaidians to watch over you. I still see their ships out any evening that I'm out walking late at night. You can surround yourself with a white or golden light each night when you go to sleep which will help as well."
- My expert friend, Colleen~
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